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eCommerce Solution:

What is an eCommerce ?

e-Commerce is defined as Buying and selling of products & services on the Internet or on any other application that relies on the Internet. In other words, it comprises transactions for which Internet acts as a medium for contracting or making payment or for consuming the service/product by the end consumer. i.e. Anytime, Anywhere, Anything Marketplace.

  Types of eCommerce

B2B Model - B2B (Business to Business) is the exchange of products or services on the Internet between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers. B2B is companies buying from and selling to each other online.

B2C Model -
B2C (Business to Consumer) is the online selling of products or services by a company to a consumer for his/her own use. It refers to the selling or buying of products and services through the Internet from web retailers to web customers.

C2C Model -
C2C (Consumer to Consumer) is the online transaction between two individuals selling products and services to one-another.

  Government also uses e-Commerce in two different segments:

G2B Model - G2B (Government to Business) is the online transaction between the government and a company or an organization. G2B operations can include online procurement of products and services from public sector companies by the government. The Indian government has an online tendering website,

G2C Model -G2C (Government to Citizen) is an e-government initiative designed to increase the interaction of citizens with the government. Examples of G2C initiatives like paying taxes online and applying for passports, visas, and other government benefits online. G2C initiatives increase citizen participation in the government by overcoming barriers of time and geographies.

  Formats of eCommerce

e-Commerce is the combinations of the following:

Paying online & Consuming Online ( e.g. Online gaming)
Consuming online & Paying offline ( e.g. Matrimonial ads)
Contracting & Paying online & Consuming offline (e.g. Travel, Books)
  Sub categories of eCommerce:
The e-Commerce Industry, which is further divided into the following verticals:
Travel, comprising Travel agents, Tour Operators, Hotels and Railways
e-tailing, comprising Online Retailers and Online Auctions
Classifieds, comprising Online Jobs, Online Matrimony, Online Property, Online Automobile and General Classifieds
Paid Content Subscription, comprising research, articles, exclusive videos, etc
Digital downloads, from Internet to Mobiles

  Experience in Development:
 We can develop various types of B2B, B2C & C2C as per details given below:
 Portal Design and Development
 Content Management System
 E-Commerce Portal Development with Payment  Integration
 Portal relating to Real Estate Systems
 Fashion Industry Portal Development
 Online Shopping Cart System
 Online catalog management
 Courier & Cargo Portal
 Online Video & Music Website Development
 Presentations in Graphical & Video form in flash
 Blogs & Forums Integration with the Portal
 Various types of classified portals like
 Job, Dating, Matrimonial, Travel, Education etc.
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