Managed Services
Server Management
O.S. Management
Database Management
Web Server Management
Mail Server Management
Website Statistic Report
Web Hosting:

O.S. Management :
Platforms supported - Windows NT / 2000 / Linux / Solaris / HP UX
Gold Package
     Os installation
     Os patches (Includes standard packs)
     User account creation maximum of 10 user accounts
     Disk allocation / management / maintenance
     CPU utilization, memory utilization.
     Performance monitoring.
     Installation and configuration of networking components
Platinum Package
     Setup change (OS reinstall, version upgrade)
     User account management
     Add new user accounts
     Delete/modify existing user accounts
     Server OS hardening
     System log analysis study, Analyze & suggest modifications / upgrades for improved performance.
     Installation and configuration of services (DNS, RAS).
     Load balancing
     File management.
     Configuration of communication packages.
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