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 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :
Online search is the most widely used method of attracting qualified visitors to your Web site. According to Jupiter Research, 82% of online shoppers know exactly what they want when they log onto the Internet and almost half of them use search engines to find solutions and vendors. With research confirming that the vast majority of searches end within the first two pages of results, prominent placement on the Internet's major search engines through effective search engine optimization is of critical importance.
Search engine optimization (SEO) services are designed to get your Website noticed when potential buyers are looking for the products and services you have to offer. We achieve this by targeting the Internet's major search properties in order to drive self-qualified prospects to your site - the specific audiences that are looking for your products and/or services. The process begins with the effective selection of the basic building blocks for your natural search optimization campaign... your keywords.
 Search Engine Optimization Step 1 - Keyword Analysis
Knowing what words and phrases people use to search the Web is an essential component of any well-executed search engine positioning campaign. The keyword analysis program takes the "guess work" out of determining which keyword phrases you should be targeting.

The keyword analysis and selection phase of our search engine positioning process identifies the proper keywords to target ensuring that the most qualified users will find the specific pages within your site that are relevant to their search query.

We will analyze your Website log files and perform a comprehensive competitive analysis using our proprietary web analytics technology to identify the most effective keywords for your search engine positioning campaign.

 Search Engine Optimization Step 2 - Competitive Analysis

you size up your competition and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve and maintain your rightful position at the top of the search engines. After establishing the most effective keywords for your Website, We will prepare a comprehensive competitive analysis and baseline report showing you exactly where you stand relative to your competitors for these keywords.

This phase of the search engine optimization (SEO) process will yield the foundational data necessary to achieve the competitive advantages needed to outperform your competitors on the search engines and gain valuable market share.

 Search Engine Optimization Step 3 - Content Enhancement

Once effective keywords have been agreed upon, and a strategy has been formulated for outperforming competitors, we will perform the content enhancement phase of the search engine optimization (SEO) process.

As the title implies, content enhancement involves the modification of Website content. During this phase of the process, we will make recommendations to manipulate the current placement of existing content, add new content, or even remove existing content in certain circumstances.

Since the end goal of the search engine optimization (SEO) process is to achieve prominent placement for the right keywords, rather than tricking the search engines into listing your pages, we will need to ensure that the appropriate keywords are incorporated into your site in an appropriate manner. Simply including these keywords into your content is not enough.

We will also work with your Website editors so that future content (press releases, new products, etc...) will remain synergistic with your newly optimized content.

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