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Web Hosting:

Web Server Management :
Platform supported - (IIS, Apache Netscape, Weblogic, iPlanet )
Gold Package
     Web server configuration
     Installation of basic modules (FTP, SMTP,HTTP)
     Trouble shoot – in case of a problem the support will be extended to trouble shoot and resolve it. But        in case of any third party script being installed to interact with the web server, our personnel will        help you to identify the source of the problem and take appropriate action.
     Configuration of Web, FTP and SMTP Site.
Platinum Package
Installation of additional modules
     Configuring index server / transaction server/ 3rd party scripts
     Reinstallation of Web Server
     Installation and configuration of additional applications and middleware (Jrun Coldfusion, MS Site        Server Commerce ,Weblogic, Websphere iPlanet Netscape site server commerce).
     Patches and version upgrades
     Application load balancing
     Reports (General Statistics, Resources Accessed, Visitors and Demographics Activity Statistics,       Technical Statistics)
     Log analysis on request (Daily / Weekly / Monthly)
     To enable SSL
     Digital Certificate
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